15 Gifts for Male Teachers on Christmas day 2016

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Looking for some inspirational Christmas gift for your male teacher? These are best gifts you can give for him.

3-Speed Stereo Turntable

When you want to go retro and use vinyl records you’ll need something to play them on. That’s where this 3-speed stereo turntable comes in handy. It also features MP3 recording so you can convert some of those old records into digital versions to enjoy going forward.

Smooth Black Leather Cigarette Flask

It keeps your whiskey cold and your cigarettes out of site with this comfortable stylish flask with built in cigarette case. Comes with an attached no-loss cap. Store your favorite cigarettes in the front compartment and snap shut. You’re ready to party.
A flask is perfect for use in restaurants when you do not want to pay those high alcohol prices.Order a regular Coke and when the waiter goes away you can add a shot of your favorite alcohol beverage. Easy to carry anywhere, portable and compact in size. Having a flask means that it’s party time anytime!!

Stylish Tie Organizer

The Stylish Tie Organizer is a neat and stylish way storage answer for your ties while still looking cool. It is made of polyester fabric with a metal hanger. At the top with hooks so you can hang it in the closet or slipped in your suit bag for traveling. This fantastic Stylish Tie Organizer is fashionable and practical. It is easier to remove when needed and very useful!
It’s slim but solid design get the most out of space while suitable in seamlessly with your closet, and its upper pocket can hold tie accessories from cufflinks to tie clips can be rapidly place! Keep your boyfriend ties in an organized style using this Stylish Tie Organizer. Gifts for men is a suggested item!


  • Hanging stowage with 12 openings for ties
  • 1 pocket for your cufflinks or other accessories.
  • Made from black polyester with perfect polypropylene pocket
  • Put up up to 12 ties
  • Rotate neck hook
  • Necktie without any wrinkles.

The Glass Top Watch Case with Removable Pillows

This kind of high quality single level distinctive synthetic carbon fiber fabric Glass Top Watch Case with Removable Pillows will surely secure your watch collection through dirt and also attractively display as well as keep your typical wrist watches.

This Glass Top Watch Case with Removable Pillows interior is covered with very soft material to shield your watches towards scratches. This kind of good quality watch safe-keeping box features 6 storage compartments with 6 soft cushions. You could take away the cushions to store some other things just like body precious jewelry, cufflinks, spare links, watch tools, diamond necklaces or diamond earrings. The watch case will be guaranteed with a silver precious metal matching lock. This watch storage box will certainly suit big modern watches as well as other number of sizes as well. Watches not included. This Glass Top Watch Case with Removable Pillows perfect surprise gift for your father’s or boyfriend’s birthday!

Other Details:

  • Squeezable soft pillows let users to fit little size/men’s dimension watches without having stretching the band
  • Superb long-lasting watch display case for any kind of watch enthusiasts
  • Six detachable delicate cushions enables users to store some other precious jewelry like cufflinks, ring etc.
  • With Caddy Bay Collection dusting cloth included
  • Watch case is kept with a lock. Small size ideal for traveling.

Macbook Pro Protective Wood Skin

Give an excellent touch on your MacBook Pro Protective Wood Skin, putting this kind of adhesive and shielding skin having a glimpse and texture of wood that brings a great compliment and is simple to set up. Secure your MacBook Pro 13.3 Model A1278 in significant style using this USA designed and unique 3D look. The skin is very easy to apply, and it is made to enhance the MacBook Pro’s sleek body. The skin is sturdy and reusable, delivering good protection against any kind of scratches and is superbly finished in a white leather design texture and look which truly sets your MacBook Air separately. This product will never give a residue the surface of your laptop, as well as you can take away the product without having damage.

Product Details:

  • Eco-friendly product made from a non-toxic method
  • Polyurethane skin is smooth and enhances your grip on the MacBook Pro
  • Custom made high-class finish from Japan is extremely stylish
  • Skin gives superb scratch resistance
  • Created uniquely to harmonize with the MacBook Pro 13.3 sleek body design
  • Very easy to apply and remove and can be used again

Vertical Chess Board Set

This Vertical Chess Board Set allows you to stand while challenging your enemy to an everyday game of chess. All of the chess parts associated with slim acrylic racks, when you move your pieces across the board.

The game works well in locations where you and your challenger can make a move and turn back later. Use the integrated indicators in this 3D chess set to mark “Last Move” and “Check”. Make your move, mark it “Last Move” and proceed your way. Afterwards your competitor’s stops by, makes their move and the game proceeds.

Every up and down chess board is made from the USA by Straight Up Chess. Aside from chess, the boards double as an excellent piece of wall art for decorating up your home and workplace spots, just like a professional office,hallway, game room, bar area and much more. Connect with your mates and co-workers over a simple board game that needs loads of intelligence in a traditional new style. Who knows this could make chess interesting for people who still don’t enjoy it very much!

Product Details:

  • Vertical Chess board created for a casual game of chess
  • Basic Designed Chess parts, weighted
  • All boards are produced in USA by Straight Up Chess
  • Wall Art and amusement in a single package
  • Elegant design for home or office

STACKER Mini Cufflinks Box

With 12 sections the lidded Mini Cufflinks Box was designed to keep cufflinks, jewelry and also other little accessories. This STACKER Mini Cufflinks Box is made having a safe popper seal perfect for quick holiday breaks and business trips. Storage for the fashionable man. These wonderful accessory boxes give everything you need to keep your entire personal things, from watches, jewelry and cufflinks to tablets and cell phones! Features a High quality Faux Leather exterior with luxurious difference lining.

Product Details:

  • STACKERS: Men’s Square Cover 7.7 x 7.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Stackers: Perfect to keep a lot of kinds of men’s accessories; such as rings, cufflinks, eyeglasses and iPhone
  • STACKERS: Combine with the square cufflink box and square watch box Stacker for extra storage space
  • Stackers: High quality Faux Leather exterior with luxurious difference lining
  • STACKERS: Perfect as a drawer, table or bedside desk organizer
  • Ideal men’s accessory for the stylish men

Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker

The Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker is the world’s most recognized and favorite coffee maker. The different aluminum pot is easy to use. Making a rich, real coffee in just minutes, the Espresso Coffee Maker pot features Bialetti’s unique eight-sided shape allowing it to diffuse heat perfectly to increase the aroma of your coffee.

You don’t need a coffee equipment to create a halfway good cup of strong ground espresso. All you need is this inexpensive, Espresso Coffee Maker pot whose design has always been the same in the 82 years people have been using it in making coffee in the stove top. Featuring a removal ratio that’s on par with most classic coffee machines, it is the type of simple but absolutely useful gift that any coffee-addict boyfriend will probably enjoy it.

Product Details:

  • Produces 3 cup of rich, delightful, aromatic coffee in just minutes
  • Made from high quality polished aluminum
  • Vintage Bialetti Octagon shape
  • Easy to rinse and disassemble
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in Italy

Hunting Trophy Deer Door Light

Never mess-up at night again using these Hunting Trophy Deer Door Light! Door Light gives you a perfect glow you need to get where you’re going inside without dropping, falling things or looking the wall for the light switch on. Can be mounted on metal doors with magnets or hung safely on wood entrance doors and wall surfaces.

An enjoyable addition to a room! This Hunting Trophy Deer Door Light and hook contains a sensor inside to know whenever you open the door and light up the surrounding area having a soft glow approximately 20 secs. Simply hung on any door and ideal for hanging keys on, this exciting door light will begin to turn out to be your favorite portion of coming home. Perfect gift for your boyfriend that love to collect animal interior decoration!


  • The motion sensor lamps the LED for 20 secs. Before Auto Switch off.
  • Design Choices: Blue Buffalo, Pink Elephant, or Yellow Deer
  • Total capacity: Can hold loads around 100 grams (0.22 pounds).
  • Products: ATBC-PVC and ABS
  • Sizes: Package – 6.92″ W x 7.63″ H x 5″ D.
  • Door Light – 5.2″ to 6.5″ W x 4.5″ to 6.5″ H x 3.6″ to 3.9″ D.

Sanctuary4 Charging Station in One

The Sanctuary4 Charging Station in One is an attractive and simple answer to a daily trouble everyone encounter. A main spot to put and charge all the individual stuff we carry around so they will probably easily be found when later needed.

With tremendously more energy, Sanctuary4 continues to be totally reengineered with a 4-amp charger to provide you with sufficient juice to easily charge up to 4 gadgets at the same time.

Sanctuary4 Charging Station comes with 4 USB ports so that you can use the wires that are included with your gadgets. Once you change your devices, just replace your cables to customize your Sanctuary4 to exactly what you need. Sanctuary4 features one Bluelounge Charge & Sync Micro USB small cable (8 in.) Extra Charge & Sync short cables (8 in.) for Lightning, 30-pin.

The 4-amps of power in Sanctuary4 Charging Station will charge your gadgets at the same time with lots of energy to obtain a complete charge with zero drag. And once you’re all set to rock, so are your devices. Every device you own needs a various quantity of power to get a full and complete charge. To get the best results, the key below displays the suggested device combos.

At the office, lounge room, bedroom or kitchen area, Sanctuary4 provides you with a hub to collect and charge your gadgets in one spot, with a classic design and style that effortlessly combines into any kind of setting. For hotels and Store Company, Sanctuary4 is definitely an important service in order to keep clients charged-up and also happy.

Lastly, an extensive battery charger gives tablets a passionate spot to charge. The angle-adjustable tablet stand was created to work with all tablets, but stay as small and subtle as possible to maintain the look thoroughly clean and simple.


  • Conceals a 4-amp charger suitable for a huge number of devices
  • Sanctuary4 works with with all tablets, big and small, without or with cases
  • Made for everyday use on your storage, kitchen table, office, or everywhere
  • Ideal for storing your necessities such as watch, keys, wallet, Bluetooth headset and much more
  • Available in black or white to best suit your design

Multi-Colored Pool Ball Shot Glasses

Ever imagined that pool balls are the best size to carry a shot glass, in case their top was cut off? Gather your buddies for any game of pool with a difference! This kind of set consists of 9 Multi-Colored Pool Ball Shot Glasses, each in a pool ball shape holder.

Every one-ounce Multi-Colored Pool Ball Shot Glasses sits conveniently inside an attractive billiard ball base and they are taken off for simple washing. An included frame design tray can make it easy to serve a big party as well as maintains all of the glasses together with each other for easy organization and storage. Each glass keeps a dual shot quantify perfectly!

Multi-Colored Pool Ball Shot Glasses sets can be a barware basic need and they also make a wonderful gift idea for almost any event. So go on and buy these boozy pool balls for yourself or the lucky pool man in your life! A perfect party novelty.

Consists of

  • (Nine) Billiard Ball Shot Glasses
  • (One) Serving & Storage Tray


  • Glass Sizes (in Billiard Ball Base): 3”H
  • Glass Total capacity: One ounce


  • Glasses take off from billiard balls for simple washing
  • Serving tray for uniform appearance
  • Makes a wonderful surprise for pool lover
  • In stock and able to deliver.

Penclic Computer Wireless Mouse

The Penclic Computer Wireless Mouse offers a classy, ergonomic and extremely useful mouse in the shape of a pen. Penclic’s advanced pen grip lessen health problems like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), got from using an old-style computer mice. Its smooth design allows the extension of our physical movements and join the natural power and deftness in our fingers and hands. The Wireless Mouse from Penclic definitely isn’t your daily mouse.

In the beginning it looks, feels and moves like a pen. A comfortable, natural working position can be bring up by relaxing your forearm on the work surface. The “mouse” has a shiny grip and is designed to keep you relaxed while surfing the web, typing or scrolling through documents. Plus, it works on almost every surface without some pad or tablet.

Penclic Computer Wireless Mouse a wireless connection with a large range of up to 16 feet. Comes with a rechargeable battery that takes for up to three months on a charge. Energy-saving type starts after 10 minutes, and you can press a switch to start again.


  • Faster and Well accuracy
  • Wireless Technology
  • Unique pen-grip for more comfortable working position and innovative precision
  • Advanced design helps lessen static pressure in neck, arms and shoulders
  • Five switches give users more flexibility for well-organized mouse roles
  • Scroll turn sits on top of the base for appropriate page scrolling
  • Button bar resolution in the middle of 800-2400 DPI
  • Charging Method: via USB

Hands Free Shoe Polisher Machine

This Hands Free Shoe Polisher Machine professionally buffs and shines your shoes without having lifting a finger and perfect for busy geek out there who wants to scrub and then polish their shoe into an amazing shine before going anywhere. Simply switch on the automatic shoe polisher using a foot activated on-off button.

The powerful motor instantly shine your shoes therefore you don’t need to buff them manually. This product is great for the home, office, and also hotels, meeting rooms, bathrooms and much more.

The all-in-one shoe polisher features a cleaning brush and two big polish brushes, that can be used for various shoe colors or one together with shoe shine and one for buffing. Every purchase has a rechargeable shoe bottle with automatic dispenser, but wax is not included. Give your shoes the mirror-like shine a gentleman just like yourself deserves using the hands-free shoe polisher machine. Buff and Shine your shoes professionally, easily and quickly.

Product Details:

  • Foot activated on-off switch
  • Rechargeable shoe polish bottle with automatic dispenser (liquid wax not included)
  • One cleaning brush and two huge polish brushes
  • Rubber mat
  • Sizes: 15.8 x 9.5 ins. and weighs 15 lbs.
  • 3-side silkscreen and cover silkscreen the fly
  • Needs two rechargeable AA batteries (included)

Officially Licensed Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger

This small Officially Licensed Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger, the head rotates and whistles and also beeps in normal R2 way. Measures (h x w), 5.5 x 3.5 inches with a 2-inch diameter at the end therefore it can fit comfortably inside your cars cup holder. Connect it to the cigarette lighter adapter and you have got yourself a set of USB charging slots all set to give sufficient energy to charge two tablets at the same time.
Officially Licensed Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger will be the best travel partner for those who want to stay connected while driving. This Star Wars product features a great quantity of real R2D2 detail, including bendable arms, a rotating dome, and a LED signal inside R2’s front radar eye lens. Suitable for whatever charges using USB iPhones, mobile phones, iPads, GPSes, tablets and so on as long as you have the cord.

Product Details:

  • R2-D2 USB Car Phone charger
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars items
  • Measures (h x w) 5.5 x 3.5 inches, with a 2-inch diameter at the end
  • Two USB charging slots
  • Bendable arms let you customize him in order to suit your vehicle’s cup holder
  • Includes: R2 device with 2 USB ports, 12V vehicle power-adapter (cigarette lighter)
  • Perfect gift for Start Wars enthusiasts

Portable Neck Massager with Electric Wireless Remote Control

The Portable Neck Massager with Electric Wireless Remote Control targets your neck with adjustable force of vibration, electrical impulses and gentle warmth from Far Infrared Rays. If you’ve ever tried to cover a large heating pad around your painful neck, you will appreciate the advance of the Portable Neck Massager with Electric Wireless Remote Control. Use the convenient remote control to adapt your massage while you wear it. Designed for necks only!

This one size Portable Neck Massager is adjustable, so it fits best for everybody. Features four professionally made automatic, and six manual multiple therapy styles for true custom massages. It will charge for 6 hours before first use.

An LCD display on the wireless remote lets you adjust the far infrared heating system and low frequency electric impulse and vibration massage output, to relax tight muscles and comfort tension. Plugs into an AC outlet to charge. Transform your own personal massage therapy with flexible vibration, Far Infrared Rays warmth and low-frequency electric impulses separately or in different combinations. Great used for those boyfriend or husband that works in office and need some relaxation massage!

Product Details:

  • Bendable wings design fit for any necks
  • Wireless remote control with large LCD display
  • Far infrared heating treatment warmth adjustable
  • Six types of vibration massage
  • Low frequency acupuncture power adjustable with 6 kinds impulse
  • Auto magnetic therapy
  • Rechargeable

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