Top 25 Unique Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend in 2019

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Christmas 2016 is just around the corner! If you are like a majority of us, you are probably still search for gift ideas for girlfriend. Well worry no longer, as we are here to help you to find what to get your girlfriend for this Christmas. We have carefully selected a number of items below from trusted sellers that will guarantee to melt your girlfriend’s heart.

Triple Heart Pendant

This beautiful “Triple Heart Pendant” necklace is made of 14K Rose Gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. The mesmerizing design of this pendant is the absolute right choice to express your love to your girlfriend on Christmas.

Diamond-Accented Bangle Watch

This watch by Anne Klein is the perfect complement to her wardrobe. The Rose Gold dial really pops and is shelled by a strong mineral crystal. She will love to wear this every day whether she is going out on the town or hanging out at home.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Excite her with the classic beauty of the pearl. Each earring receives a modern touch with a small, natural white diamond. These updated studs are her perfect accessory for day or night.

Mini Messenger (5 colors)

This Harveys Mini Messenger is made of a durable, genuine automotive seatbelt, and has an adjustable strap that can fit over the shoulder or across the body. This will be the perfect accessory as it is just the right size for women on the go.

Warm Winter Leather Gloves

The nappa leather of these gloves are supple, soft, and fit a bit snug at first. Over time it relaxes, loosens up, and “learns” the shape of your hand for a perfect fit. For comfort and amazing warmth, these gloves have a luxurious long fleece and cashmere lining. The leather will need to be professionally cleaned.

Juicy Couture

The famous Juicy Couture has been introduced by the famous brand “Juicy Couture” and has melted the hearts of many girls from all over the world! Now make your girl go crazy over this perfume. The beautiful bottle in itself will bring smile to her face.

Essential Oil Diffuser

This sleek and sculptural wood-grain diffuser is the ideal way of bringing aromatherapy to her living or work space. Natural essential oils are distributed throughout the room in the form a of a gentile and smoke-free mist which delivers delicate healing aromas while softly humidifying the dry atmosphere. Bring your girlfriend deep relaxation and stress relieving this Christmas as this will be one of the best gifts you could give her.

Skechers Sneaker (7 colors)

These sneakers are known for flexibility and comfort. There are various colors such as:blue, purple, green, and many more. Your girlfriend willlove you more this Christmas for providing her the comfort she desires when she goes for her outdoor activities like morning walks, runs, and much more!

Headphone for Musicians (5 colors)

This headphone from Sony is an amazing gift for the music lovers. It is designed with 50mm diaphragms to provide the listenerwith a powerful and natural bass sound. It has direct Vibe structure for extreme bass response and easy storage. Let your music lover dance and sing with the crystal clear sound! She will rock this Christmas with this Extra Bass “XB” Headphones!

Canvas Art For The Art Lovers

This mesmerizing Japanese art by Philippe Sainte-Laudy is beautiful to decorate the home of any artist. Philippe has brought out this beautiful art through his talent of photography. Whether you girlfriend is a painter, photographer, or just creative art lover ; she will definitely be impressed by the beautiful harmony of the nature and light presented in this canvas. Make this your choice on Christmas and your girlfriend will definitely appreciate your choice!

Jewelry Box (3 colors)

You will be your girlfriend’s lifesaver, as sheneeds a great place to store all of her jewelry to keep it from tangling and becoming a huge mess. This gorgeous jewelry box is just the place and will look amazing anywhere that she puts it.

Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet is made up of sterling silver and has attracted many online buyers for its open work pattern. Your girlfriend will be very impressed by the rich finish and detailed work of this beautiful bracelet.

Sensor Make-up Mirror

One of the most useful technologies for women today, this sensor mirror is designed with a super bright LED light ring that not only mimics natural sunlight, but also reflects light consistently and evenly. The light has a life for many years, so she will not have to worry about it diminishing or fading. The distortion-free mirror is 5 times the magnification – ideal for providing exceptional detail while still allowing her to see her entire face in natural light at once.

Under Armor Sweatshirt (12 colors)

This sweatshirt is perfect for your girlfriend to go from steady jogs to resistance workouts. Its moisture resistant fabric helps her stay motivated as it wicks away sweat and keeps her dry. This sweatshirt is also available in many great colors.

Kindle for the Book Lovers

The Kindle Paperwhite is absolutely the right choice for your girlfriend. She can easily carry it wherever she wants and can have the ultimate reading experience. It has strong batteries which last for weeks and it is 30% lighter than iPads as well as affordable. It has Wi-Fi capabilities and is perfectly designed to keep your girlfriend strain free. Now your book worm girlfriend will love you even more for gifting her the neverending series of books all in one device.

Gym Duffle Bag (8 colors)

This is the best bag for carrying gear to and from the gym! It’s beautiful, easy to clean, fits perfectly in a locker, and best of all has MANY pockets for all of her grooming accessories. It’s worth the price, as you get what you pay for.

Urban Lady Bicycle (17 colors)

This is a great single speed bicycle. The cushion on the bike seat on this cruiser makes riding comfortable. Soft foam grips are easy on the rider’s hands. You can get one for yourself as well and both of you can ride together in the morning by the beach, town, or neighborhood.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro with Retina Display adds an excellent high-resolution display that rivals the iPad Air’s. It has a far faster A9X processor and tops it off with improved Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. The battery life is as good or better than last year’s model.

Keter Rattan Cool Bar

Looking for an unusual gift? This rattan bar is a cool piece of patio furniture. You can use it as a simple table, or you can fill the bottom with ice and use it to keep drinks cold during your backyard BBQ. This bar is a great housewarming gift. It would also be nice for birthdays, or to celebrate a promotion. To personalize the gift, fill the bar with her favorite beer, wine, cider, or spirits.

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

If she can’t have cats or dogs in her apartment, a pet fish can help make her space feel more like a home. These cool “fish condos” are modernist, and can be used alone, or stacked into towers to house multiple fish. These are a great way to house betta fish so they will not see other fish and get agitated. The detachable outer shell can also be painted, if she’s the artsy type.

Gianna Rose Robin’s Egg Soaps in Apothecary Jar

Looking for a great housewarming gift, hostess gift, or office-friendly birthday gift? You can’t go wrong with decorative soaps. These totally cute, totally upscale soaps from Gianna Rose Atelier look very much like real robin’s eggs. The soaps are scented with extracts of chamomile and meadowsweet, with oatmeal and wheat bran giving the soaps a light exfoliating property. These are a great gift for a member of the local chapter of the Audubon society, or any woman who appreciates the natural world.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

This USB mic is incredibly versatile. It would make a great gift for a reporter, podcast host, or singer. A CEO might also appreciate this mic, since it can be used for high-quality conference calls. This USB mic is plug and play, meaning it requires no special software installation prior to use. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. For added clarity, consider adding a pop filter to this gift.
Want more gift ideas in this vein? You can browse our guide to the best USB microphones for any purpose, and find a model that’s perfectly suited to her hobbies.

OPI Nordic Collection Nail Polish Set

For ladies who love funky nail polish, this OPI gift set is the perfect choice. The OPI Nordic Collection is a great choice for chicks who can’t stop binge-watching entire seasons of Vikings, or those who love Marvel’s Thor movies. An at-home manicure is a great way for any woman to pamper herself. Not her favorite shades? Try this fab set from Butter London, or check out other nail polish sets from OPI here.

VIPERTEK VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun

Vipertek makes pink stun guns that fit easily inside a purse or pocket. This is a great gift for students who are going off to school alone. If you want to make sure your girl can protect herself, this is a thoughtful gift.

Michelle Phan Makeup Palette

YouTube star Michelle Phan now has her own line of makeup. The Life Palette contains four beauty looks curated by Michelle Phan herself. Each palette has a nice variety of shades for her eyes, lips, and cheeks. If you want to see more options, shop more makeup from the Michelle Phan line here.

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